Urban Night Vision Tactics

Urban Night Vision Tactics is a must course for any law enforcement agency who currently own sets of night vision devices (NVD’s) for their special response team and narcotic unit or who are in the market to purchase night vision equipment for their agency.

Bushido Tactical will train and provide officers with sound tactics using night vision equipment in close quarter environments and offer an array of various lighting and infra-red tools for illuminating or target designating objects or suspects.

This course will also help educate officers and administrators on the correct versions of night vision devices available for purchase for the necessary area of operation. We will also help improve current tactics for Emergency Response Teams and Snipers who wish to use night vision equipment on various deployments or call outs.

This course includes both live fire and simulation FX training on different days. All FX protective gear and FX Simunitions ammunition, pistols will be provided

Course Outline:

Night Vision versions and familiarization
Maintenance and Servicing
Weapon and Helmet mounting systems
White light vs. IR light
Low light night vision tactics
Depth perception and low light engagements
Deploying distraction devices in Low Light conditions
Exterior and Interior formations and movements
Working in close quarter battles with obstacles and equipment
IR surveillance operations
Realistic FX scenario based training
Live-fire training exercises
Department purchase program

Equipment Required:

Tactical or duty gear – if you use it on duty or call outs (i.e. body armor, helmet, gas mask)
Holster, sling and magazine pouches
Eye and ear protection
Groin protection
Knee pads
Duty firearms – pistol and carbine
Skull crusher or helmet with mount for NVD
Hands free Night Vision Device
Spare batteries
IR laser and hand held IR flash light – if you own one
Knee pads
500 rounds of rifle ammunition
150 rounds of pistol ammunition

Duration: 2 days (nights) Operators Course

Tuition: $695

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Urban Night Vision Tactics
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