Defensive Low Light Readiness Training

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Vero Beach, FL
student participating in low light readiness training

We all know how to shoot during the day but most attacks occur at night while we are either out and about or at home while we are sleeping. Bushido Tactical’s low light engagement readiness course teaches you state of the art low light techniques to help you prevail in any low light situation.

This course curriculum has been tried and tested by real world operators and was taught by our staff member who worked for the Surefire Institute teaching this doctrine for many years to specialized military units and law enforcement agencies.

Bushido Tactical will teach you when to use light and when too much light can get you killed.

We offer realistic scenario training in our force on force shoot house which will help you deal with all lighting conditions. There is no live fire during this class, only Force on Force training which all pistols and safety equipment will be provided.

Course content:
In-depth Low light lecture (3 hour Power Point presentation)
What flashlight is good to own and why
Flashlight techniques – Handgun and Long gun
Home defense low light techniques
Strobing the light
Painting the path
Quick peeks
Searching vs. Controlling
Shooting in low light conditions
Concealed carry low light techniques
Dealing with a threat

Equipment required:

Ball cap or hat
Shooting glasses
Groin protection
Hand towel
Protective knee pads
Glock 17 / 22 pistol –  if you own one
Decent outside pistol belt holster –  Glock 17 holster preferred for SIM pistols
Decent outside belt magazine pouch – Glock 17 magazine pouches preferred for SIM pistols
Weapon mounted light – optional
Decent handheld flashlight with spare batteries and more than one if you have them

All FX protective gear and FX Simunitions ammunition will be provided

Duration: 1 Day (10 – 12 Hours)

Tuition: $425


10 available
Defensive Low Light Readiness$425.00Defensive Low Light Readiness - 10/25 (5pm - 1am)
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