Founded in 2007, Bushido Tactical specializes in providing quality, realistic based training to Responsible Citizens and Armed Professionals. Our course curriculum varies from providing specialized firearm training to advanced tactics which includes live fire and simunition based training. We believe that this method of training will provide and prepare our students with realistic type scenarios, allowing them to experience close to real life encounters without themselves getting injured in training. So whether you are looking for defensive or tactical training, we have a class for you.


Our mission consists of the seven virtues instilled by the Japanese Samurai. Bushido is the proper term for the Samurai Code. It means “the way of the warrior,” and it is the core of who we train and the quality of professionals who represent and attend our schools. Whether you are training with us or investing in our top of the line tactical gear you can rest assured in knowing that it was inspired with these virtues in mind.

The Seven Virtues of Bushido consist of the following:

1. Morality  義

2. Courage 

3. Benevolence 

4. Respect 

5. Honesty 

6. Honor  名誉

7. Loyalty  忠義

Tactical Nylon Manufacturing / Product Development

Bushido Tactical is a leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative and functional premium tactical gear. We have committed to the production and creation of superior quality standards in our high end tactical gear that would benefit a various range of clientele, from professional operators to shooting enthusiasts. All of our tactical designs are developed through personal real world experience and feedback from operators out in the field. We use mil spec. materials, reinforcing all of our stitching and manage our quality control very stringently. All of our products are proudly made in the USA in our onsite facility. We currently have materials and products available in Black, Ranger Green, Olive Drab, Coyote, Wolf Gray, Multicam and Kryptek Typhon. 

Our company also offers a custom sewing service for individuals or departments who have specific needs for gear to be made or modified.

Bushido Tactical also designed and developed the famous Patented WARSOC™ quick release buckle for body armor carriers.

Bushido Tactical Class 7 & Class 2 SOT

Bushido Tactical holds various BAFT FFL / NFA firearm licenses and offers a transfer service of Class 1 firearms only. These are done “By appointment only” during 10:30am – 2pm (Monday – Friday)

Please call to inform us of your transfer prior to your firearm arriving.

For more information prior to processing your transfer or to make an appointment, please contact our admin staff with any questions regarding fees or required information.