Advanced Pistol / Carbine Readiness

students in advanced carbine readiness class

This advanced course is designed exclusively for individuals who want to learn how to work in pairs or with their partners / spouses in an urban environment.

Moving and communicating together through your home during a home invasion makes the difference between surviving and prevailing in a gunfight.

Students will learn effect movement drills and how to communicate effectively with their partners / spouses.

This course also allows you to experience shooting in 3 dimensional and changes the perspective of just shooing standard paper targets with no depth perception.

This class moves at a fast pace and therefore requires Bushido Tactical’s Defensive Carbine Readiness Course prior to attending this class.

This class offers a lot of information and drills which will prepare you as a pair to move comfortably through your home and handle a situation as a team.

Course Outline:

Range safety rules and commands
Combat mindset
Essential Carbine accessories
Proper equipment placement
Shooting from various distances – (5 yards – 75 yards)
Pistol transitions – various situations and lighting conditions
Bilateral transitions – key shooting positions
Working with a partner – reloading and barricade work
Tactical communication – reloading, malfunctions and moving

Equipment list:

Ball cap or hat
Shooting glasses
Ear plugs or muffs
Hydration / water bottle
Hand towel
Sun screen
Protective knee pads (highly recommended)
Magazine pouches (to hold at least 2 spare carbine magazines on both sides of your body)
Magazine pouches (to hold at least 2 spare pistol magazines)
Rifle sling – Mandatory
Ammo: 500 – 650 rounds (for the rifle caliber of choice)
: 300 – 400 rounds (for the pistol caliber of choice)
Primary rifle – (what you own or compete with)
Pistol / sidearm
Spare firearm or spares (in case your primary rifle breaks during the class)
Spare rifle magazines – 3 x (minimum, more the better)
Spare pistol magazines – 3 x (minimum, more the better)
Magazine loader – if you own one

*Tactical gear if you wish to train with it

Duration: 1 day

Tuition: $375

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Advanced Pistol / Carbine Readiness
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