Defensive Combative Readiness (H2H Combat)

This is not a sport fighting course. This course teaches students how to prevail through various encounters that go from being normal to really bad in seconds. Responsible citizens and professionals who carry firearms on a daily basis are at risk of either having their own firearm or blade taken away and used against themself or having a firearm stuck in their face during an attack or robbery.

Bushido Tactical will teach you multiple ways to defend yourself and your family. This course will be conducted in a very controlled environment, yet it will be somewhat physical in content. Any student wanting to register for this course must be free of any injuries or cleared by their physician prior to taking this course if prior injuries exist.

This 2 day course curriculum will be very informative and has been taught to Military and Law Enforcement personnel in the United States.

Course Outline:

DAY 1 

Understanding Triangulation points
Weapon Rention and Takeaways – Long guns and handguns
Basic blade defense and usage
Basic baton defense and usage

DAY 2 

Ground fighting – Offensive and Defensive techniques
Understanding kicks and strikes
Forestalling chokes and strangulations
Mass attacks and countermeasures

Duration: 2 Days

Tuition: $495 per student

(Maximum 10 students)

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Defensive Combative Readiness (H2H Combat)
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