Special Response Tactics

This course is designed exclusively for Military and Law Enforcement personnel who work or execute special operations in an urban environment.

The SRT course is geared towards patrol officers, narcotics and special response teams, even military personnel who work in close quarter urban environments.

We believe that this course will be very useful for operators having to deal with active shooter situations in school and business type centers and extends to clearing an apartment complex .

It will cover individual and team movements, patrol level and entry team clearing tactics, basic low light and night vision tactics, basic ballistic shield entries (only if requested), dealing with non and hostile combatants.

All of our scenarios will be Simunition (FX) based training and students will be tested on their tactics and decision making whilst under duress.

This is an informative 5 day class designed to teach the officer various ways of close quarter battle and expose them to alternative tactics used by other units around the world.

Course outline with performance objectives:

Exterior and interior building formations and movements
Room and building entries and clearing tactics
2 Man and team building searches
Downed personnel evacuation drills
Basic low light and night vision tactics
Advanced carbine close quarter shooting tactics
Simunition (FX) realistic scenarios
Live fire shooting exercises – day and night time lighting conditions

Equipment Required:

An equipment checklist will be emailed to you upon request or after registering
for one of our courses.

Duration: 5 day Operators Course

Tuition: $695

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Special Response Tactics
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