Home Defense Close Quarter Techniques (CQT)

This home defense close quarter techniques course is designed to teach home owners how to properly move through and clear their residence in case of an intruder.

These techniques will also include skills on how to secure family members into a safe area of the house until law enforcement officers arrive on scene.

We offer realistic training scenarios in our Force on Force FX Simulation house which will help you deal with all home defense situations. There is no live fire during this class, only Force on Force training which all pistols and safety equipment will be provided.

Course content:

Family safety versus being a hunter
Understanding strong points in your house
Fight or flight decisions
Advantage angles
Close Quarter techniques: doors, rooms, passage ways, stairs, corners
Force on force FX training
Realistic scenarios

Equipment required:

Ball cap or hat
Shooting glasses
Groin protection
Hand towel
Protective knee pads
Glock 17 / 22 receiver and recoil spring only  –  if you own one
Decent outside pistol belt holster –  Glock 17 holster preferred for SIM pistols
Decent outside belt magazine pouch – Glock 17 magazine pouches preferred for SIM pistols
Weapon mounted light – optional – if you use one for home defense
Decent handheld flashlight with spare batteries and more than one if you have them

All FX protective gear and FX Simunitions ammunition, pistols will be provided

Duration: 1 Day

Tuition: $450.00

(Limited to 10 students)

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Home Defense Close Quarter Techniques (CQT)
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