Defensive Shotgun Readiness

Bushido Tactical offers an informative one day defensive shotgun class on the dynamics of shotgun handling. We will teach you everything from weapon operation to basic home defensive tactics.

Whether you own a pump action or a semi-auto shotgun, we believe that we can help you improve your skills and give you a basic understanding of home defense.

This course consists of a lot of weapon manipulation which requires students to be familiar with their own weapon. Our staff will teach you various ways of loading and unloading different types of ammunition in a stressful situation which also includes tactical loading.

Course Outline:

Range safety rules and commands
Combat mindset
Shotgun nomenclature

Shotgun handling:
Stance, grip, breathing, trigger control, working the action, combat sights vs. bead
sights, multiple targets, various reloading options, bi-lateral shooting, shooting on the
move, malfunction drills, slings, basic home defense drills.
Post test

Equipment required:

Ball cap or hat
Shooting glasses
Ear plugs or muffs
Camelbak hydration system or water bottle
Hand towel
Sun screen
Decent belt
Shotgun ammo pouch or pants with lots of pockets
Side saddle ammo holder
Spare firearm or spares (in case your primary shotgun breaks during the class)
Sling: Optional


350 rounds of bird shot
25 rounds of buck shot
10 solid slugs

*Tactical gear if you wish to train with it

Duration: 1 Days

Tuition: $345 per student

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Defensive Shotgun Readiness
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