Ladies Handgun – Part 1

Bushido Tactical offers ladies only classes which are focused on firearm handling for self defense purposes.

This class is designed to help train ladies who would like to familiarize themselves with a handgun if the need ever calls for them to protect themselves at home or out in public.

We have a 2 part handgun course which is broken up into 1 full day for each level course. This allows for each student to
learn and progress at a steady pace without being overwhelmed with too much information during the class.

Handgun Part 1 Course Outline:    

Range safety rules and commands
Prevailing mindset
Pistol nomenclature
Proper equipment placement
Firearm Marksmanship Fundamentals

Handgun handling:                              

Various stances
Grip placement
Trigger control
Sight alignment
Sight picture
Multiple threats
Various reloading options
Malfunction clearing drills

Duration: 1 Day

Tuition: $300

Handgun Part 2 Course Outline:

Effective bullet placement
Support side shooting – 2 hands
Bilateral shooting
One handed shooting
One handed reloading – (Right / Left)
One handed malfunction clearing drills – (Right / Left)
Shooting from / through a handbag

 1 Day

Tuition: $300

Equipment required:

Ball cap or hat
Shooting glasses
Ear plugs or muffs
Primary pistol
Extra Magazines – 3 minimum
Outside holster – (no Blackhawk Serpa’s or IWB holsters allowed)
Spare magazine pouches – (2 minimum)
Ammo: 500 rounds (for the caliber of pistol used)
Hand towel
Sun screen
Magazine loader – if you own one

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Ladies Handgun – Part 1
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