Defensive Carbine Readiness

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August 19 - August 20

Orlando, FL

December 19 - December 20

Orlando, FL

This course is our most popular and well attended classes. Our defensive carbine / sub-gun readiness course is geared towards teaching you new techniques in manipulating your rifle in a confined urban environment.

Whether you are a competitive 3 Gun shooter or a responsible citizen wanting to defend your home, we believe that we can teach you new concepts in shooting and gunfighting at pistol distances. We encourage beginner through experienced shooters to attend this course as this course will be very humbling to most students.

We teach techniques that have real world experience and will help you prevail in a situation or in a sport shooting event.

This is an physical class due to the nature of it’s contents and will be challenging to some students.

Bushido Tactical welcomes any make of carbine rifle with open sights or red dot optics. AK’s, Sub-guns and SBR’s are
also welcome.

Course Outline:
Range safety rules and commands
Combat mindset / coaching
Carbine nomenclature and weapon accessories
Sighting in your rifle from various distances
Barrel Sight Relationship (BSR)

Rifle handling:
Proper equipment placement, administration loading and unloading, press checking (day or night), breathing, trigger control, back up iron sights,
shot placement, various reloading options, bilateral shooting, bilateral malfunction clearing drills, various
bilateral shooting positions, weapon transitional drills, various distance shooting, shooting from
behind cover, shooting on the move, slings.
Night shoot – depending on location
Post test

Equipment list:
Ball cap or hat
Shooting glasses
Ear plugs or muffs
Camelbak hydration system or water bottle
Hand towel
Sun screen
Protective knee pads (highly recommended)
Outside pistol belt holster– leather, kydex or duty – (no I.W.B.holsters)
Outside belt magazine pouches (at least to hold 2 spare magazines for pistol and carbine
Rigid belt
Rifle sling (for on your rifle optional)
Ammo: 1000 rounds (for the rifle caliber of choice)
200 rounds (for your pistol as a secondary weapon)
Spare firearm or spares (in case your primary rifle breaks during the class)
Primary rifle – (what you own or compete with)
Pistol – for weapon transition drills
Spare rifle magazines – 3 x (minimum, more the better)
Spare pistol magazines – 3 x (minimum, more the better)
Magazine loader – if you own one
AR Weapon mounted light recommended
Decent handheld flashlight with spare batteries

*Tactical gear if you wish to train with it



Defensive Carbine Readiness$475.00August 19 - August 20
Defensive Carbine Readiness$475.00December 19 - December 20
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