Pistol / Carbine Immediate Action Course – (Prerequisites)

This 1 day course format is focused on manipulating both rifle and pistol in an emergency situation. Learning and having the knowledge to be able to clear malfunctions, reload using either 1 or 2 hands during a stressful time is paramount to you prevailing in any gunfight. Shooting a carbine 1 handed is never easy for long periods of time, but knowing how to do it should the time arise is not only important but detrimental to going home to your family at the end of the day.

Registered students must have taken Bushido Tactical’s “Mastering your Pistol” and “Mastering your Carbine” courses prior to attending this course, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!

Course Outline:

Range safety rules and commands
Combat mindset
Uses for a sling – Single vs. 2 Point
Bilateral reloading – various techniques
Pistol Malfunction Drills – 2 Handed / 1 Handed / Bilateral Manipulations
Carbine Malfunction Drills – 2 Handed / 1 Handed / Bilateral Manipulations
Pistol transitions – Immediate vs. Emergency
Carbine recovery drills

Equipment list:

Ball cap or hat
Shooting glasses
Ear plugs or muffs
Sun screen
Protective knee pads (highly recommended)
Magazine pouches (to hold at least 1 spare magazine for carbine on each side of your body)
Rifle sling (Mandatory for on your rifle, single or 2 point)
Ammo: 350 rounds of rifle, 200 rounds of pistol
Primary rifle
Primary pistol
Spare firearm or spares (in case your primary firearms break during the class)
Spare rifle and pistol magazines – 3 x (minimum, more the better)
Magazine loader – if you own one
Decent belt, outside pistol holster and magazine pouches (No IWB holsters permitted)

*Tactical gear if you wish to train with it

Duration: 1 day

Tuition: $345.00

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