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Shotguns are currently been used less these days and are been switched out for carbine rifles due to active shooter situations occurring more frequently.

Some departments still carry both in patrol vehicles and are using these more for deploying less lethal devices.

This course will teach the operator various ways to manipulate their shotgun and show them the advantages and limitations
in an urban environment.

We will test various loads from 00 buck to slugs and see how they perform and pattern at different distances.


Students will shoot around barricades and obstacles in multiple shooting positions and be shown various lighting techniques,
with or without weapon mounted lights attached.

This is a great course for honing your skills or evaluating your current equipment. We incorporate endurance live fire exercises
which allows for the operator to evaluate his own ability in a humbling way. We are confident that each candidate will walk away
having learnt something new from this class.

Course outline with performance objectives:

Range safety rules and commands
Combat mindset / Coaching
Pre-test – Qualification shoot

Shotgun handling:

Proper equipment placement, stance, cycling methods,
slings and carrying options, selecting and switching out rounds, various shooting
positions, various distance shooting, bilateral shooting, various reloading options
and cover drills, malfunction drills, shooting on the move, shooting from behind
cover, obstacle shooting including barricades
Team and partner challenges
Basic low light shooting – night time shooting drills
Cornering and entry shooting
Post-test – Qualification shoot

Equipment Required:

An equipment checklist will be emailed to you upon request or after registering
for one of our courses.

Duration: 2 days Operators Course

Tuition: $395