Shotgun Dump Pouch

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Designed for tactical or competition applications in mind. Our tactical shotgun ammo dump / 3 gun pouch allows for the shooter to separate bird or buck shot from their slug rounds.

Constructed with a rigid design to securely hold 3 slug rounds along each side of the dump pouch which makes it easy to switch out different types of loads when needed. The main flap is designed to securely fold over and close the opening or be rolled back out of the way and still retain the ammunition from falling out with integrated elastic fixtures.

Made to fit 1.5″ – 2″ belts.

1 review for Shotgun Dump Pouch

  1. David J Salmond

    It’s been a long time, but I have finally had the opportunity to use the Shotgun Dump Pouch on a driven pheasant day here in Gloucestershire.
    Not one of my friends on the syndicate expected me to turn up in ‘the full English’ of tweed plus-fours, lurid coloured socks and a flat cap (just not my style — even remotely). So my use of one of your Kryptek Typhon belts and a coyote shell pouch was not a surprise.
    What did shock them was how fast I could load during the flurries of birds at the end of each drive. I did far better than my skill level and experience would have suggested, shooting well above average.
    My success was in large part down to your gear. Thank you!

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