Collapsible Breaching Hoolie Bar


The BT Collapsible Breaching Hoolie Bar was designed primarily as a hinge ripper for pull wood / metal doors utilizing wooden door frames. In addition to the specially designed head, this can also be used to pry doors and break padlocks.

A self setting tool using the body to set the head in place behind the hinge or door jam / gap. The chisel point fork allows for the head to work itself behind any hinge that is not easily accessible and not set to code on on pull door.

A compact collapsible hoolie bar, perfect for portable use offering quick and easy access through commercial exterior and residential interior doors for barricaded subjects. Ideal for SWAT teams, active shooter responders and special response teams.

The Hoolie Tool weighs 5.12 LBS and has an overall length of 19.25”. Fully extended it is 27” long.

The head of the tool is 2”x 6” long and has striking and prying capabilities.

Hoolie Head Construction and End Cap:

4140 Cold Formed Steel
CNC Machined
Hardened and Tempered to 45 HRC minimum
Black Oxide Finish


(Outer Handle, Lock Nut) – 6061 Aluminum
CNC Machined
Anodized Black Finish

Shaft: (Main structure of the tool)

4140 Cold Formed Steel
Quenched and Tempered
Precision Machined
Electroless Nickel Finish

Head and Shaft Assembly:

Assembly is drilled and precision fit.

All material is sourced and manufactured in the USA



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