Breacher Exothermic Cutting System Backpack – Special Projects Operations (S.P.O.)


The “Exothermic” rigid backpack was originally designed to carry the Special Projects Operations (S.P.O.) Single bottle exothermic cutting torch system giving the operator hands free capabilities when needed most.

This innovative backpack provides stability and retention of the thermal cutting system during vessel boarding search and seizure (VBSS) operations, while fast roping or climbing ladders. Other operational uses such as compound infiltration, executing search warrants, urban room clearing amongst many more make this pack a necessity.

Comfortable padded shoulder straps and kidney belt helps with weight distribution and long carrying periods.

This backpack offers a very easy and rapid method to deploy the thermal cutter and access to the thermal rods. Comes with 2 nylon sheaths attached to the board to hold 4 spare cutting rods.

  • Specifications:
    Boltaron main body construction
  • Padded shoulder and kidney belt – (500 Cordura outer material)
  • PacTool adjustable mounts
  • Vertical and Horizontal adjustment slots to mount various power tool brands and models
  • Single Battery Powered Tool carry – Quickie or Chainsaw (May accept some smaller gas powered tools)
  • Drag / carry handle
  • Precision CNC machined
  • Mil-spec cordura material
  • Rapid deployment and securing method
  • Available in various nylon colors
  • Made in the USA – Berry Compliant

Excludes the breaching thermal cutting system, rods and 9V lanyard ignitor, for illustration purposes only, components sold separately.


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