Specialized Urban Survival Readiness (SUSR)

This course is designed exclusively for individuals who want to prepare for urban survival and natural disaster situations. Students will learn important skills to be able to survive with the most basic equipment as well as try out any gear that they have purchased for their B.O.B. (Bail Out Bag)

This will be a challenging course in content. It will train you to survive in rough situations and environments. If you like log cabins and resorts, this class is not for you as students will be required to sleep under the stars in home made shelters or small one man tents if that is part of their load-out.

This survival class will take people out of their comfort zone and teach them to operate with what they have available and make the most of their situation.

Safety is our number # 1 goal and therefore anyone wanting to attend this course will be screened first and have to meet our requirements. We like to know who we are training prior to this class based on the course content being taught.

If you take your family’s and your life seriously, then let us train you to prepare & prevail through the harshest times that you may be forced to deal with. Teams will compete against each other for rewards and scenario points to see how well they do in each event.

This course will be very physical and mentally challenging to students so anyone attending will need to be in average / good shape and expect a lot of carrying of gear and lifting of objects. We guarantee lots of learning and fun will be had by all.

Course Outline:

Survival mindset
Basic shelter constructions
Fire making techniques
Basic land navigation (map and compass reading, G.P.S.’s welcome)
Basic first aid techniques
Providing security for your family
Construction of basic weapons / hunting tools
Hunting for food / cooking it – no animals will be killed in this portion.
The collection and purification of water
Team building and leadership exercises
Endurance scenarios / testing
Night movement exercises / testing
Realistic scenario challenges and testing
Shooting drills and scenarios
Bonus lecture / challenge

Equipment required:

A basic list will be emailed to students once registered.

300 rds of rifle and 100 rds of pistol also required

Duration: 2 nights / 2 days

Tuition: $500 / student

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