IDPA Advantage Course

The Bushido Tactical IDPA ADVANTAGE course is a one day class designed for Marksman and higher level shooters who are looking to be more competitive in their class and desire to move up in rank.

This informative class will teach shooters proper mindset, the ability to break down stages and properly help improve their times based on different ways to shoot a stage.

Students MUST be classified Marksman or higher in IDPA to attend this course. Limited to 12 students.


• Improving speed/accuracy

•  Draw and Reload from concealment

•  Movement from points of cover

•  Shooting on the move

•  Use of cover and target engagement

•  COF breakdown

•  Engaging activators, drop-turners, swingers, etc.

•  Mental aspects of competitive shooting

•  IDPA gamesmanship

•  Dryfire/Livefire/Match Performance loop and planning your training

Equipment list:

Ball Cap
Concealment garment
IDPA legal holster and magazine pouch
Ammunition – 500 rounds
Pistol and magazines
Eye and ear protection

This course will be taught by Team Bushido members who rank in Master Class, both in IDPA or USPSA disciplines.  They compete in local , State, National and International level matches and place top in their class and divisions.

Duration: 1 Day

Tuition: $275

(Maximum 10 students)

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