Glock Familiarization Course

This is NOT an official Glock armorers course and does not offer a certification. This class is designed to teach Glock pistol owners how to strip, maintain and clean their pistols to help prevent carbon and fowling build up to avoid any possible malfunctioning and jamming.

The Glock familiarization course consists of a detailed Power Point presentation and also covers various enhancement options to your pistol for competition shooting.

This course is taught by a certified Glock armorer who is a very knowledgeable instructor with 21 years of experience with Glocks.

Course Outline:

Familiarization and models of a Glock pistol
Disassembly of the Glock pistol
Maintenance and cleaning of the pistol
Various enhancement parts and kits
Reassembly of the Glock pistol
Tricks and tips of the trade

Equipment required:

Glock pistol – Any model

Duration: 4 Hours

Tuition: $100 per student

(Limited number of students)

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