Basic Gun Shot Wound (GSW) Care Course

This class familiarizes students with the various medical products in a basic IFAK (Individual First Aid) kit and teaches them how to use each product to help stabilize themselves or a gun shot victim whether out on a shooting range or in a gun fight.

This 4 – 5 hour course will educate students with enough information which could help save their own life or someone elses.

Students will be taught with the aid of an informative PowerPoint presentation with detailed medical data and also hands on training simulating treating a gun shot victim with both compression bandages, tourniquets and sucking chest wound seals.

All of our guest instructors are all certified EMT / Paramedics with real world experience.

Course Content:

Basic gun shot kit nomenclature
Assessing the scene
Securing the scene
Stabilizing the patient
Pressure points
Thoracic injuries
Controlling the bleeding
Debriefing the first responders

Duration: 4 – 5 hours

Tuition: $150

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