AR15 Armorer

This course is designed to develop understanding and proficiency on the AR-15 rifle system. Students will progress from basic fundamentals and parts identification as well as assembly and disassembly of the sub components.

The Armorer student will then be required to assemble an AR-15 rifle from the receiver both upper and lower section of the rifle.

Understanding of the individual parts and how they work in unison is a pass or fail for this portion of the course.

Students will take a practical or verbal test on the materials covered in the Armorer course.

Students passing this course will receive certification valid for 3 years enabling the students to work in environments to conduct service and repair on AR-15 rifles.

Course Outline:

Safety Procedures

History of the M-16 and AR-15 Weapon System

Loading & Unloading the AR-15 Rifle

AR15 Specifications

Parts Identification

Assembly and disassembly of uppers and lowers

Gauging procedures

Broken shell extraction

Cleaning the Ar-15 Rifle

Trouble Shooting

Break in procedures prior to placing into service

Zeroing procedures (range time)

Equipment required:

Pen and notepad to take notes

AR-15 Rifle

30 rounds of ammunition .223/5.56 will be used on the range for functioning the rifle. (Range time will be pendant upon students decision)

*Students will require to bring very basic armorers tools and all other armorer tools will be provided as part of the course*

Tools required:

3/16, 5/32, 5/64 punch set and small flat head screw driver.

Other armorer tools available for purchase from Bushido Tactical Pro Shop

Duration: 1 ½ Days

Tuition: $450 per student

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