ALS Less Lethal 3 Day Instructor Course

This instructor level course covers the entire line of munitions manufactured by AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems, Inc. Upon graduation, students will be certified to train others within their department as end users in the deployment and use of OC aerosols, kinetic energy impact projectiles, chemical agents, noise/flash diversionary devices and stun munitions.



History of Less-Lethal Munitions                       Legal Issues                         Chemical Agents

12 gauge, 37MM & 40MM Launchers             Stun Munitions                   Diversionary Devices

Use of Force Reporting Procedures                 Range Safety                       Research &Trauma

Direct & Indirect Munitions                               Deploying Munitions         Instructional Techniques

Technological Advancements



*Eye & Ear Protection     *Pen & Paper     *Gas Mask w/ appropriate filter     *Foul Weather Gear

*Gloves (leather, FR or nomex, kevlar or a combination)       *Glasses (if you wear contacts)

*Towel and/or change of clothes (for OC contamination & CS exposure drills)

*Hydration source       *37/40MM launcher-if available

*12ga. pump shotgun-if available (w/ cylinder or imp. cylinder barrel or choke)

* Sunscreen-suggested       * State/Government ID-suggested

**ALS will provide all munitions and training/instructor material to each student.

3 Year Instructor Certification by Amtec Less Lethal, LLC

Duration: 3 days Instructor Course

Tuition:   $725 – New certification     $595 – Re-certifcation



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