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This course is designed exclusively for individuals who want to learn how to work in pairs or with their partners / spouses in an urban environment.

Moving and communicating together through your home during a home invasion makes the difference between surviving and prevailing in a gunfight.

Students will learn effect movement drills and how to communicate effectively with their partners / spouses. This class also
teaches you how to safely move your partner out of harm’s way if injured during a situation.

This course also allows you to experience shooting in 3 dimensional and changes the perspective of just shooing standard
paper targets with no depth perception.

This class moves at a fast pace and therefore requires Bushido Tactical’s Defensive Carbine Readiness Course prior to attending
this class.
 This will be at the discretion of the Director of Training and not negotiable once his decision is made.

This class offers a lot of information and drills which will prepare you as a pair to move comfortably through your home
and handle a situation as one.

Course Outline:

Position shooting – (what works best for different scenarios)
Movement drills – Individual / partners
Partner Down drills – (various techniques)
Shooting 3 Dimensional
Communication (Gun fighting lingo)
Endurance drills
Realistic shooting scenarios

Equipment required:

Eye and ear protection mandatory
Ball cap or hat
Shooting gloves or band aids
Camelbak hydration system or water bottle
Hand towel
Sun screen
Protective knee pads
Decent outside pistol belt holster– leather, kydex or tactical
Decent outside belt magazine pouch (to hold at least 2 spare magazines for both pistol and
Decent belt
Rifle sling (Recommended)
Ammo: 1000 – 1200 rounds (for the rifle caliber of choice)
400 rounds (for your pistol as a secondary weapon)
Spare firearm or spares (in case your primary rifle breaks during the class)
Primary rifle
Pistol – for weapon transition drills
Spare rifle magazines – 4 x (minimum, more the better)
Spare pistol magazines – 3 x (minimum, more the better)
Magazine loader – if you own one
Weapon mounted light on carbine
Decent flashlight with spare batteries and bulb.
Chest rig is recommended but not mandatory

*Tactical gear if you wish to train with it

Duration: 2 days including a night shoot

Tuition: $450 / student